Made a twitter account! Guess I should post it somewhere.

My ability to write brilliant, detailed blog posts knows no bounds.

I swear I'll write coherently about something eventually.

Three Day Writing Marathon

I've challenged myself to a three day writing marathon starting today and ending when I go to sleep on Sunday. My goal is to finally finish my thriller.

In a new twist, I am taking a video of myself working on the marathon. Might post it to reddit later for funsies.


That thing I don't have. I'm not really sure where to get it from. All I can seem to accomplish today is watching youtube videos.

I have been keeping up with updating my Wattpad story, which is good. That does have me wanting to write more new stuff. But the problem has never been finding the desire to write, it's gathering together the energy and concentration to write. Or maybe it's better described as overcoming inertia? I don't know, it's just difficult.

Anyway, apparently it's Friday. So I think I'm going to see if I can go all out this weekend. Challenge myself to a story in two day contest. 10k/day for Saturday and Sunday.

I need a way to hold myself to it. To make it feel like a real thing that matters instead of something I can shrug off.

Then on Monday I'll work on various life tasks that need to get done but can't be done during the weekend.


Definitely gave up that whole milwordy thing pretty quickly. My bad.

I'm finally getting back into writing, albeit via writing for other people in order to get money. It sort of counts. I'm also publishing a thing on Wattpad to motivate me to get it put together into an ebook.

Oh, and watching lots of Jessica Jones.

Kind of feel like starting back up with keeping a blog again. I'd like to write proper posts and not just rambles like this one. The question is, what do I write about? And how often do I update?

I want to update often enough to keep myself motivate to write some stuff. Maybe twice a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I still want this to be a writing blog, so I'll see what writing topics I can think up to write about.

Distraction Time

I procrastinated until I only had half an hour left, then knocked out a thousand words. So I'm behind, but I'm getting a better handle on what works and what I can manage.

Here's my thought. I have no problem writing 1k, even when the day is busy, because that only takes half an hour. I can start close to when I go to bed and just make myself get it done. That gives me 5k from writing on week days.

If I meet the other 14k of my weekly quota on the weekends, suddenly this looks a lot more doable. Over two days that's only 7k per day. I'm thinking that would take 3-4 hours, so I'd still have most of my weekend to goof off, even with that writing commitment.

Heck, I can even write extra on Fridays. That gives me three days to spread the excess words out over instead of two. I can manage this.

I'll see how this first weekend goes with this new plan.

Balancing writing

First day back at the day job and I misjudged my writing time. Still got most of my word count in, but not what I wanted. Really I just put off starting too long. I really need to get writing faster.

I've also tumbled completely off my outline. Not that I had much of an outline in the first place...

Oh well. I don't know where the story is going. The less I worry about outlines, the easier it is to write fast so maybe this is an advantage. Or maybe the story will crash and burn and I'll be like, "Oops."